Createch has great potential to contribute to economic growth and job creation,based on the underlying technology and the expected wide applicability of Createch innovations to different sectors and contexts. A common finding in studies on the future of work is that employers will increasingly demand digital skills and creative skills.Many researches shows that combinations of skills – technological, artistic, organisational and management are important for creative work. A report on the future of jobs by the World Economic Forum (WEF) considers creativity, along with complex problem solving and critical thinking, as one of top three skills in 2020, and estimated 87% of creative jobs are ‘at low or no risk of automation’. Regarding to the 35 million job adverts posted between 2011-2018, It found that the occupations that mention “createch” skills the most were: graphic designers; photographers, audio-visual and broadcasting equipment operators; artists; arts officers, producers and directors; and product, clothing and related designers. Given the importance that future of work studies attribute to both creative and digital skills, it is reasonable to suppose that ‘createch’ skills will be associated with roles that are expected to grow in importance in the future. With the current pandemic COVID-19 crisis,there is also sudden need for creative and digital solutions in the current circumstances. Many Europeans have been suddenly thrown into conditions demanding the use of digital technologies. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is having a severe effects on adults who need to find ways to continue in these challenging times which now relies on the access to and use of digital technology.